Downtown Jebel Ali

Downtown Jebel Ali will return our fast-paced, on the go, modern lives to a better way of being. Tapping into the next generation of urban design, this transport-rich, balanced and sustainable development is located on an 11km stretch of Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai’s main motorway.

Located between Jebel Ali Free Zone and Techno Park, Downtown Jebel Ali will cover more than 6.5 million sqm. It is spread over four zones, with a Dubai Metro station, internal people mover system planned for each. The first Metro, in zone one, is already up and running.

Within each zone are three distinct districts: the Urban Centre, a vibrant business and entertainment hub; the Trellis District, with mid-rise buildings, shaded sidewalks, parks and plazas; and the Medina, with Arabian-inspired courtyards and quiet cobbled streets.

As master developer, Limitless has sufficiently progressed infrastructure work at Downtown Jebel Ali to allow third party developers to begin work in individual projects. In zone one, construction is complete or underway on 13 buildings, including eight at The Galleries, Limitless’ first community project.

Location Dubai, UAE
Size 200 hectares
Population 200,000