Al Wasl

Al Wasl is a groundbreaking urban community integrating the best in modern, sustainable thinking with the rich cultural heritage and tradition of Saudi Arabia, allowing residents to enjoy a balanced lifestyle, without compromise.

A wadi setting provides a backdrop to shaded boulevards, parks and neighborhoods in a rich, community setting. Over half of the development made up of schools, mosques, sports facilities, civic buildings and public centres.

Located 15 minutes’ drive from King Khalid International Airport and 17km north-west of Riyadh, Al Wasl will also house an energetic business community, ranging from world class offices facilities that can accommodate company headquarters to a smart office complex for small to medium-sized businesses.

Al Wasl will feature more than 50,000 homes, where privacy and safety are guaranteed with a range of accommodation designed to respect and uphold traditional Saudi family culture. Outside, communal, landscaped greenery and parks will allow everyone access to the peace and serenity of nature

Transport-rich, Al Wasl will be conveniently accessed by four road interchanges, while a series of environment-friendly transit systems will connect individual districts within the development.

Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Size 1,400 hectares
Population 208,000